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Website Update

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Just a quick update to give a progress report on the website, and what still needs to be done:

  • The site will shortly be updated to more closely match the main Fine Gael stylistically.
  • At the moment, the news page is currently styled differently from the rest of the website; the reason for this is that the news section runs on WordPress, and, as such, the new design that will applied to the rest of the website needs to be modified to be made into a compatible WordPress theme. At the moment, it’s running a generic WordPress theme, until this work is completed.
  • The website is currently missing the constituency and branch maps; the maps for Local, Dáil, and European constituencies have to be licensed from Ordnance Survey Ireland, and will be uploaded once this has occurred.
  • The officer lists, and meeting locations, for some of the branches need to be added and/or updated, as the information becomes available.
  • The site will be further tested to ensure it meets compatibility and accessibility requirements.