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Website Update

Category : Site News

Just a quick update to give a progress report on the website, and what still needs to be done:

  • The site will shortly be updated to more closely match the main Fine Gael stylistically.
  • At the moment, the news page is currently styled differently from the rest of the website; the reason for this is that the news section runs on WordPress, and, as such, the new design that will applied to the rest of the website needs to be modified to be made into a compatible WordPress theme. At the moment, it’s running a generic WordPress theme, until this work is completed.
  • The website is currently missing the constituency and branch maps; the maps for Local, Dáil, and European constituencies have to be licensed from Ordnance Survey Ireland, and will be uploaded once this has occurred.
  • The officer lists, and meeting locations, for some of the branches need to be added and/or updated, as the information becomes available.
  • The site will be further tested to ensure it meets compatibility and accessibility requirements.

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Private Members Business- 21st of January

Category : Joe O'Reilly

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Deputy Howlin, has just set out very clearly how the Government has dismantled the traditional appointment system to State boards, made it fair and open and took it away from being the preserve of political patronage and the traditional inner circle. He set out the situation lucidly and I do not propose to repeat those points.

In his remarks to Deputy Ross, Deputy Spring reminded me of the great biblical exhortation to let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Those two speeches have fulfilled their purpose. What I propose to do in this motion of confidence in the Tánaiste is to look at her extraordinary record in the face of the worst recession in the history of this State in maintaining a welfare system, a fair society and the dignity of those in need. Some points merit repetition. The core social welfare rates were maintained right through the recession. That is an achievement of the Tánaiste and the Government. Free travel was protected. The respite care grant has been fully restored to €1,700 and it was never less than approximately €1,400. Two weeks of paternity leave have been introduced. A modest but incremental increase has begun for the old age pension. Up to 75% of the Christmas bonus has been restored. Family income supplement has increased by €5 per week. The list goes on. The living alone allowance has been increased by €9 a week. School meals are of the utmost importance and an extra €3 million has been allocated for their provision. A second year of preschool care has been provided. One can see a complete package of welfare achievements by the Government in the midst of the deepest recession. That is the ultimate yardstick by which people with proper critical faculties will assess the performance of the Government and the role of the Tánaiste when they will look at the confidence motion tonight. There is no escaping those realities.

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The challenges that remain

Category : Enda Kenny

This spring, the Irish people will be asked to make a very important decision – whether to elect a government which will continue on our present path towards recovery or else to choose an alternative option that will take the country in a different and potentially very uncertain direction.

I genuinely fear that to take the second option would be to jeopardise all the hard work and sacrifices of the Irish people in recent years which have brought the country to a much more secure place than we were in five years ago. We are now in a position of ongoing recovery, a recovery which we wish to see completed.

I was joined by the Tánaiste on Monday to reflect on the progress we have made, and also the challenges that remain, for the launch of the final annual report on the Programme for Government agreed between the Fine Gael and Labour parties in March 2011.

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Your Hard Work Is Working

Category : Enda Kenny

Thanks to your hard work and resilience our economy is recovering.

The question now is who will keep this recovery going?

We have a long-term economic plan that offers people the stability and certainty needed to keep the recovery going. Find out what we have delivered and how we plan to keep the recovery going in your area here:

The next election will be a choice between those with a plan to keep the recovery going, or those who will put it at risk through instability and chaos.

We are determined not to let Ireland go back to those who wrecked our economy and our country or hand it to those who would kill jobs with new taxes on work and put at risk all we have achieved together.

Let’s keep the recovery going.

Very best wishes,
Enda Kenny TD

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Strengthening Ireland’s recovery

Category : Enda Kenny

I will leave Munich later this afternoon, concluding what has been a very successful trade mission to the Netherlands and Germany.

Over the past two days, this particular trip has been focused on strengthening Ireland’s economic recovery by working towards advancing trade opportunities and attracting investment to Ireland in what is an increasingly important market.

On Wednesday, I met with senior executives of a global food corporation with operations in Ireland and visited a major pharmaceutical construction project outside Amsterdam involving a number of leading Irish engineering and construction firms.

I also travelled to Düsseldorf, where my engagements included meetings with various Irish SMEs who are attempting to increase their German market exports. In total, 17 contracts were signed by Irish companies in the Netherlands and Germany valued at approximately €57m, which is obviously very welcome news indeed. We now hope to build on that success even further.

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