Another boost today

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Another boost today

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Dear Friend,

Ireland’s ever-increasing position as a major European digital hub received yet another boost today with the news that the working professionals’ social networking site, Linkedin, is to create a further 100 jobs here. This company already employs a very significant 900 here and I was invited earlier today to visit the site of its new building at Wilton Terrace in Dublin city centre where work has just commenced on the ‘above ground’ phase. It is expected to be complete at the beginning of 2017.

Of course, the Government is committed to maintaining Ireland’s attractiveness as a hub for new investment such as this, and for that reason, we prioritised many pro-growth and pro-job policies in the Budget for 2016. In order to make work pay we are tackling the marginal tax rates on middle income earners, and are reducing the marginal rate of tax to below 50% for all earners under €70,000. If re-elected for a second term, we will also continue to phase out the USC in future budgets, while also reforming the income tax system to cap benefits for the highest earners and to keep the income tax system broad. These measures, in turn, should help us to maintain Ireland’s position a dynamic, attractive place for big global players such as Linkedin to invest.

At the COP21 Climate Change event in Paris on Monday, I emphasised Ireland’s commitment to playing its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 per-cent by 2030, but crucially not at the expense of our very important agriculture sector. It is my belief that some of the targets set out for that particular sector are simply unreachable in light of the economic situation of recent years. Nevertheless, our commitment to contribute in this regard stands.

Dying is a necessary part of living and this was brought home at yesterday’s launch of the Hospice Foundation’s 2016 Strategy in the Hibernian Club on St Stephen’s Green. In April, 2016, the IHF will actually have been in existence for 30 years and a number of events will be held throughout the year to mark that anniversary. Their 2016 campaign will align with the work of the Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children; the HSE and Department of Health on new frameworks for palliative and wider end of life care and also seek to engage with the public in terms of what is important to them in relation to end of life and bereavement, a very poignant but important conversation that needs to be had.

Very best wishes.

Yours sincerely,
Enda Kenny TD