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All workers will be better off

Category : Enda Kenny

This week I officially launched the Fine Gael budget calculator with Minister Simon Harris.

Cutting taxes on work is a central part of our plan to keep the recovery going.

Fine Gael in Government ditched Fianna Fail’s bailout commitment to further increase income taxes.

After Budget 2016, 700,000 people will be exempt from paying any USC and our pledge is to remove this penal tax altogether. We are also reducing the marginal rate of tax to 49.5% for all workers earning between €33,800 and €70,000.

Our budget package put about a week’s earnings on average into the pockets of low- and middle-income working families and provides people with a greater incentive to take up more work, to start a business or to take up more overtime.

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A new long term plan

Category : Enda Kenny

As our preparations for the general election in the Spring gather pace, I have asked Minister for Finance Michael Noonan to lead a team including Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton and Minister of State at the Department of Finance Simon Harris to finalise a new long term economic plan to keep the recovery going as the platform for Fine Gael’s campaign for re-election.

The plan will outline a mix of both short-term steps, including USC abolition as part of a wider reform of the tax and welfare systems, designed to create more jobs and make work pay, as well as longer-term plans to re-build services and end the boom and bust cycles that have wrecked the Irish economy twice in the last generation.

It will underpin the broader suite of Fine Gael commitments to be contained in the election manifesto, the preparation of which is being currently finalised by Minister Simon Coveney.

I believe that the plan will break new political ground for showing the impact of steady growth and sensible management of the public finances on jobs, public services and incomes not just over the life of the next Government, but well into the next decade.

Very best wishes.

Yours sincerely,
Enda Kenny TD

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McGuinness: action needed to prevent radicalisation of EU citizens

Category : Mairead McGuinness

Over 5,000 EU citizens are known to have left Europe to fight for terrorist organisations in Iraq and Syria where they kill and many return to their home countries in the EU intent on bringing that terror to EU soil, Mairead McGuinness MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament said, following a debate in Strasbourg today (Wednesday).

“The radicalisation of EU citizens poses a real security threat. We need to understand why this is happening and how we can prevent it and we need to do this as a matter of great urgency.

“Today, I supported the Parliament’s recommendations on an EU strategy to prevent the radicalisation and recruitment of EU citizens.

“One measure would involve an EU-wide communications campaign highlighting cases of former European ‘foreign fighters’who have successfully undergone deradicalisation and whose traumatic experiences help expose the brainwashing methods used to hide the true reality of joining terrorist organisations,” McGuinness said.

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Attack On Paris

Category : Enda Kenny

Last January I walked through the streets of Paris with President Hollande and other world leaders after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Then we joined the President and the French people to offer total solidarity and support.

We offer the same support once again. Aujourd’hui et toujours l’Irlande tient ferme avec la France.

A week has passed since those terrible events in Paris. The cruelty and barbarity of the deliberate destruction of innocent joy, the joy of people out for the night, is almost unprecedented. It requires an unprecedented response.

We remain steadfast and united in our determination to counter the threat posed by global terrorism and all forms of radicalism.

We are also clear that the terrible crimes of a small number of extremists, such as we have seen in Paris and indeed elsewhere, do not reflect the views of the Muslim community anywhere.

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Crack down on crime

Category : Enda Kenny

This week Minister Fitzgerald and An Garda Síochána launched a new Anti-Crime and Burglary response to crack down on crime all over the country.

This new plan will be backed up by increased Government investment of €5 million, a tougher law on sentences and stricter bail for repeat offenders.

The key elements include the use of new high powered vehicles by the armed Regional Response Units; more high-visibility patrols in identified burglary hot-spots; the increased used of checkpoints to tackle the criminal gangs using the national road network; a high-profile national crime prevention awareness campaign to be launched later this month and targeted crime prevention advice for local communities.

Fine Gael’s response to crime is focused on investing in more Gardaí and vehicles and strengthening the law to crack down on serious and repeat offenders.

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The Weekly Cavan Voice, 42nd Electronic Edition

Welcome to 42nd edition of the Cavan Voice. I hope that you are continuing to enjoy my updates.

Kindest Regards,
Joe O’Reilly TD

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